Traditional clothes in Qasr Al Hosn

Qasr Al Hosn is the oldest building stone in Abu Dhabi. It is located in Sheikh Zayed the first street, also Qasr Al Hosn is known as the white fort and it was build in 1976. Every year Qasr Al Hosn make a festival for 2 weeks, in the festival there is some features live music and dance performances showing UAE’s cultural heritage. In addition in the festival there are famous UAE food and there is different kinds of food, also there is some people who sell traditional products in Dukkan. In addition the presidents visit Qasr Al Hosn and share the people by dancing and eating the UAE food in the festival. Also in Qasr Al Hosn there people who shows the visitors about the school in UAE in the past and the cars and how was the police in the past and also how they wear. Although in the festival there are different kinds of clothes and how was the clothes for men and women in UAE in the past. The men wears “Kandora” and “Gutra” and the women wears “Abaya” and “Sheila“. Also the clothes have many different kinds and different colors and the women wear “Burga” which covers the face. In Qasr Al Hosn there are shops that sells these clothes and there are places that shows the people how the women and men wears and what is the clothes in UAE.


Traditional clothes in UAE

In every country there is a tradition that is different than other country, also the clothes in every country is different from the other. In some countries people keep wearing their traditional clothes even if they go to another country. In UAE most people were the tradition clothes from long years ago until now. In UAE tradition is very important not only in clothes but also many different things. Therefore in UAE the women clothes is different than mens clothes also the color is different. In addition the only similar thing is that both men and women wear “veils” and long sleeved “robes”. The women dress is black color and called “Abaya” before long year ago the abaya can be only in one color which is black but know days it can have more than color therefor the men clothes is white and called “Kandora” even the men clothes can have some colors but they are specific colors. Also the women and men were something on there head for the women they were “Sheila” and the men were “Gutara” and “Egal” for the gutara there is more than one color also there are some used for winter only.